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Angry MIrmo

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The main villain in the second season. His appearance is different in the manga and anime: while the manga shows him as a muglox, the anime shows him as a navy-skinned human with elfish ears. Despite being evil, he still shows a few goofy sides of him. Long ago, he tried to dominate the muglox world, but was defeated by the Gaias and sealed away. He recruits Akumi and the Warumo Gang to help him break free from his seal and defeat Mirumo and his friends; while on the verge of breaking free, Mirumo and his team enter his world and defeat him. He is sealed away again by the Gaias, but it is later revealed that they only sealed part of him: he encountered Yamane while being sealed and possessed her with part of his spirit. He re-recruits Ivol and the Warumo Gang again, along with a new agent, Rat, to continue causing trouble for Mirumo and his friends, and approaches Saori Eguchi in the guise of Takumi Kiryuu, Saori's old music teacher. He is destroyed for good when Saori's powers are upgraded while the Gaia Tribe and the other muglox did a magical chant. Like Enma, he also spreads cold jokes. (First appearance: episode 53)