Katie Minami


Voiced By
Tabitha St. Germain (English), Mai Nakahara (Japanese)
Age (at first appearance)
Kaede Minami (南 楓)
First Appearance
Episode 1 (anime) Chapter 1 (Manga)
Dylan Yuki

A cheerful and energetic girl who is Mirmo's human partner. Though friendly and always willing to help those in need, she can get angry when she is tempted. Kaede's main love interest is Dylan Yuki, and is the romantic rival of Azumi. Her results to grab his attention are mediocre as a result of her clumsiness. During season one of the anime, she attended school with Mirmo in his realm, but she is very different in her fairy form compared to the normal citizens of the Muglox World, with fairy wings, a pink fairy outfit, and her instrument, a microphone which was destroyed at the end of the first season while she was trying to save Muglox world. In episode 142, she almost died as a shinigami stole her soul for Mirmo's chocolates. At the season finale of Mirmo de Pon, Katie struggles to fight for Dylan's love. Unfortunately, Dylan made a decision that broke her heart, by choosing to be with Haruka Morishita. Katie decided to give up her chance of being with Dylan but not her feelings for him. Later on, when Dylan realizes that Katie is the one he really loves, he decided to confess his feelings to her.

In the final episode of the anime, Katie loses Mirmo in replacement for her wish to come true, then finds out that Mirmo never made to the Muglox World and received an extreme punishment. She then tries her best to bring back Mirmo's memories of him being a muglox, and in the end, she gets Mirmo back. In the manga, after she and Dylan became a couple, another tomboy rival named Ryo Sanada appears. (First appearance: episode 1)

Appearance Edit

Katie is a young 14 year old girl who has blonde hair which is usually in pigtails. She's depicted very cute, rather than pretty.


Katie is a clumsy girl with a knack of getting onto trouble. However, she is very kind and will go great lengths for those she cares for.



Katie found Mirmo in her coffee mug and takes care of him and buys him chocolate almost everyday.

Dylan Yuki

Dylan Yuki is Katie's love interest. He gave her a bracelet for her birthday which made her like him even more.

Azumi Hidaka

Azumi is her love rival. She likes Dylan just as much as Katie does. Which started the "Katie/Azumi War"
The Azumi Katie war

The wars begins

  • Katie's Birthday Dress
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