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Muglox is a magical world where fairies exist. King Marumo rules the Marumo Kingdom in the Muglox world.


Mirmo's muglox mug

The mug is actually a portal to get to the Muglox world the mugs have mysterious writtings on the button that gives instructions to humans depending on their wish/desire (e.g. when Katie wish to be in the same class as Dylan) fairies are assist to a human depending on their wish to summon a fairy the human must pour something inside the mug while making a wish depending on which fairy (e.g. Mirmo's mug can be activate while pouring chocolate milk) then the fairy will be transport from the Muglox world to the Human world.

Humans can only have one fairy as a parther or a punishment will be given to the fairy if more than one fairies are staying with one human and only the human that summon the fairy can see them.

Muglox chant their magic to magical instuments each fairy has its own instrument

that grant wishes some fairies even have animal pets which they sometime bring with them

to the human world