Season 4
Season 4

Main Protagonists:

Katie Minami, Mirmo

Other Protagonists:

Azumi Hidaka, Yatch, Dylan Yuki, Rima, Kyle Matasuke, Murumo

Main Antagonists:

Warumo Gang


Two new characters, Koichi and Haruka, are introduced. Koichi has a crush on Katie, and Haruka is Dylan's childhood friend who wants to be a cartoonist. Her partner Panta is a ghost muglox. Thanks to Azumi, Katie and Koichi kiss. Dylan starts to fall in love with Katie, and Koichi realizes that he is not right for Kaede and gives up on her. After Haruka tells Dylan she loves him, he chooses her over Katie. Haruka realizes Dylan's true love is Katie and gives up on him. Dylan tells Katie he loves her and they become a couple; Katie's wish is fulfilled. Mirmo has to leave in one hour or something terrible will happen, which the Warumo gang make so. Mirmo loses all memories of Katie and turns into a rabbit. Katie brings his memories back and he turns back to normal.


Season 4 episodes

  • 151 Separating, Meeting, A New School Term
  • 152 Quarreling Shop of Love
  • 153 Teach me the Forces of Love
  • 154 I am Panta!
  • 155 Stomach black strike
  • 156 Love of Lavender
  • 157 Love of Lavender(Muglox Edition)
  • 158 Kikuki-kun's First Love!?
  • 159 Tako and Panta's arrival!
  • 160 Counterattack of the pine bamboo
  • 161 Large Confound Conflict! Chick Wars
  • 162 It is the U-Ray! The Warumo Group!
  • 163 Method of drawing a comedy manga!
  • 164 It's summer celebration! The large decisive battle!
  • 165 Sumita VS Kikuki-kun! Battle of love!
  • 166 The storm of love raging...
  • 167 The increase of shaking love!
  • 168 Work harder,Kaede Minami!
  • 169 Rescue Panta!
  • 170 Decision of each one!
  • 171 Kaede's wish, Mirumo's leave!
  • 172 Lets all Mirumo De Pon!!!

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