Warumo Gang


Male (All)






Yoimo Gang (episode 126 only)


Warumo Dan (ワルモ団)

Voiced by

Ichiro - Kentarō Itō
Jiro - Ikumi Sugiyama
Saburo - Kazusa Murai
Shiro - Masashi Ogawa (Seasons 1-3), Tetsuharu Ohta (Season 4)
Goro - Hitomi

The Warumo Gang is the show's regular troublemakers that first appeared in episode 15. In the first season they plot to take over the Muglox Kingdom. In the second season they become lackeys for Darkman. In the third and fourth seasons they constantly cause trouble for Mirumo and his friends, but their tricks always fail due to their clumsiness. Their magical tools are shamisen.

Yashichi used to be their executive apprentice, whose job was to destroy Mirumo in the human world while they were still in the fairy world, but Yashichi quit in episode 65 to protect Azumi.

The group members are:

  • Ichirō (イチロー) (Red) - The leader of the group, though the other four are against it. He has the thickest eyebrows compared to the other members. Usually, when he finishes talking, the other four would repeat the last thing he says. He was a delivery man before joining the Warumo Gang. In episode 144, he falls in love with Rirumu's cousin, Yurin, and almost married her, but left her to stick with the rest of the gang.
  • Jirō (ジロー) (Blue) He wears a monocle on his left eye. He was a millionaire celebrity before joining the Warumo Gang. He is considered the brains of the group.
  • Saburō (サブロー) (Green) He has a scar near his left eye, though it is never really shown in the anime. He was working at a construction site before joining the Warumo Gang. He is the strongest member.
  • Shirō (シロー) (Pink) He has light brown hair on his left and right sides. He was working as an idol before joining the Warumo Gang. It is revealed in one episode that he is the youngest member, which shows that the gang's ages are not in order from oldest to youngest.
  • Gorō (ゴロー) (Yellow) - The dumbest member of the Warumo Gang. He is very clumsy and often guessed wrong things the other four are going to say. He is usually the one who cooks for the gang. He was a masked wrestler before joining the Warumo Gang, but he had never won once due to how weak he is.